Creative ways to propose a girl

The biggest dream of a girl is being loved by his guy unconditionally and keeps waiting for the dream proposal her entire life. Guys lack the creativity in ideas when it comes to proposing a girl. Finding a date and proposing a girl who made the nights sleepless is a complicated thing for a guy to propose a girl who made your nights sleepless. Most of the guys take advice from their friends but these random advices can’t get you to the right path. The ideas that worked for a few might not necessarily are helpful for you since every girl’s temperament is different. You often feel nervous to propose and find women of your dreams. The question of rejection always keeps popping in your mind. Follow the steps below to find a perfect date and to get a positive answer and increase your morale.

Creative ways to propose to your dream girl

1. Understanding the nature of the girl: Before proposing a girl, you should understand her nature first. This is an important step as it will help you to approach her in the right way. Try to spend more time with her until you feel confident that she likes you. Listen to her words and note her body language, if you concentrate on these gestures you can easily find out whether she wants to be around you or not. So, understand a nature is the first creative ways to propose a girl.

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2. Don’t rush it: Finding a date or finding a girlfriend, exactly what you perceive in your dreams is not an easy task. You might be dating your girl for quite a while now, but unless either of you have spent several dates or few weeks together don’t rush to propose your feelings to her. Take time to see where your relationship is heading and if you’re sure of her feeling the same, then go ahead in your relationship.

3. Make it memorable: When you are sure of your lady love having the same feelings for you, try to make the moment of expressing love a memorable one for her. Try your best to make it seem perfect and romantic in your own little ways. You can also take her out for a candle light dinner and pick up a location where you can have enough privacy to ask your question. Also, evenings are most romantic times and will allow the girl to focus on you and not her busy day.

best tips to purpose a girl

creative way to propose a girl

4. Gift her something: If you are looking for girlfriend who can last longer, gift her little things with hidden meaning in them. Sometimes the most inexpensive and small gifts can say a lot and be cherished for years. Also, when you are about to begin a relationship with her, expensive gifts are not a good idea as she might end up feeling awkward. Pick up something nice that will create a memory and will last longer such as a jewellery box, flowers, chocolates etc or anything she is fond of, this tip will boost your morale to finding a date. Gifts are also the creative ways to propose a girl.

5. Have a conversation: You have warmed her up with the help of gifts and the romantic ambience, tell her how important she is to you and how she makes you feel when she is by your side. Just tell what you feel for her and wait for her reciprocation. If she feels shy you can politely ask her about how she feels for you but if she hesitates don’t push her to say something. Sometimes, she might need some time to express her feelings, so have patience. Find a woman who is mature enough to understand you and your belongings and surroundings pretty well.

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6. Know the favourite colour and likes and dislikes: You must have known the favourite colour of her choice, because it will help you a lot to make your date perfect. In addition to that you must wear the colour of her choice and even you must know about the likes and dislikes, what she likes in fast foods and what she likes in beverages. This is also creative way in purposing a girl.


7. Never ask about her past: If you would like to make your date perfect then you must not ask her about the past because nobody wants to tell about their pasts whether it is good or bad, so you will have to avoid her past and talk about on their interests. As we have heard that Men should not ask to women about their affair which can be more dangerous.


Conclusions: Hello friends, these are creative way to purposing a girl, I will hope this will help you to make your day good. If you have any good experience, you can share your views in comments. You can also give your suggestions, which will help to our readers.

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