Latest notification of UPSC 2014

Latest notification of UPSC 2014

UPSC has published the latest notifications of 2014 examination, which includes many exams such Indian administration services (IAS) and IFS exam, is also included. IAS prelims examination will be held on 24 august 2014 instead of May 2014 and IAS main exam will be held on 14 December 2014. As we all know that this decision will also effect on the students preparation. I know this notification and decision will be good for those who are going start late preparation, but on the other hand this decision will be create confusions among the UPSC aspirants who have given the exam of prelims 2013, and they could not clear it. Now, they will have to wait 3 months more for next attempt 24 august 2014.  Every body would have been thought that why government did take this decision. So read it carefully we are going to explain reasons and it effects on student preparations.

download the new notification of upsc

Latest notification of UPSC 2014


Why UPSC took this decision?

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Due to Election : As we have known that election is coming near day by day. Consequently, Lok Sabha 2014 election is the main reason for the delay in the IAS Prelims and main exam of 2014. As we know that government will be very busy during election because infrastructure and security is the main need of the Lok Sabha 2014 election for pooling booths.


Impact of this Decision

This decision has their positive and negative effect on the preparation of UPSC aspirants.

Positive impact

3 Months Extra: This decision will be beneficial for those students, who are going to give their 1st attempt, because they will have 3 months more for their preliminary exam 2014.

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Quick Result: Due to this decision, UPSC will have to declared results earlier as compare to 2013 preliminary result.


Clear Cut Goal: Due to this early result student can go ahead, if he will clear the prelim examination 2014 and if he/she would not clear the examination then he will have to wait just 9 months as compare to last year comparison,


Negative Impacts

Less time for Mains Examination 2014: Due to this decision, students would have the less time for the main Examination 2014 which is approximate 90 and 100 days which is too short as compare to last year comparison.


Date sheet covered only 5 days: Due to this decision, Students will have to study hard because date sheet of Mains Examination 2014 covers only 5 days means UPSC will conduct all main examinations with in 5 days, which is too short. You will have to give exam day by day continuously. In addition to that student will have to give 2 examinations in single day, which is too difficult for every student.

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Vast Syllabus and less time: UPSC has added one new paper in General studies and adds some new topics in paper 4 of general studies such as security issue, money laundering issue and naxalism issue. So syllabus is very wide and there is no holiday in mains examination so it will be very tough competition in the Mains Examination 2014.


Conclusions: UPSC has published their 2014 notification, I would like to say that competition is increasing day by day so we must do study hard it will be better for all of us. We must make the most of every single hour. You can also tell us about your views related to UPSC decision. Your views and suggestions will be valuable for us.

6 Responses

  1. JTS Institute September 7, 2013 / 6:35 AM

    Very Useful information many of the aspirants are worried when UPSC releases notification and when exams will be conducted. So keep going on by posting such information

    • Adi September 7, 2013 / 8:03 AM

      Thank you Dear, and We will post a new article related to the UPSC so be in touch .. :) Thank you

  2. MG October 14, 2013 / 10:42 AM

    I just wanted to ask out of curiosity that since mains 2013 will be in December,so will there be a delay Interview and final results?? and since Prelims next year will be in August 2014 will the final results be announced as usual by May 2015(UPSC cutshorting the whole exam process) or will there be a delay in final results.What is your opinion??
    Please reply!!!!
    Thanks and Regards.

    • Adi October 14, 2013 / 11:53 AM

      Bro.. 2013 mains and interview results will be the same as before. it will not be late.. and 2014 prelims will be held in the month of August instead in the month of May due to 2014 elections so mains results and interview results will be declared by UPSC according its proceedings.. so can not say any thing it is just an Idea.

      • MG October 15, 2013 / 3:47 AM

        Thank You!!!!

        • Adi October 15, 2013 / 10:30 AM

          Welcome Bro :)

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