Ready to Build Your Wealth List

I’ve seen personally that many people invest big money monthly in own training and update, as well as systems and tools to help me increase my profits month after month.

Today I’m going to discuss about a very interesting life style on construction of lists, of course I mean subscriber lists that go directly to an auto responder service, so that in the language of Internet Marketing this is known as construction of just vista.

Just imagine that by sending an email to your entire list of subscribers charge $ 4,000 dollars, in very few words other marketers will pay this amount to send an e-mail with an offer from them.

Build Wealth List

This is the true power of a list.

I mention all this to try to explain that a person who is a millionaire by the Internet one of the first things mentioned is precisely that the only way to generate income month after month is the constant construction of lists, there is no other way.

And in this article we will see some points that will help you build your list a faster and efficient way.

1. Always you have to give a good reason for someone to leave your e-mail in your capture format. As time passes it is becoming more difficult to get a person to read your e-mail, because they are high chances of spam, so it’s really important to give them a good reason. The most common is flatter reports, videos, mini courses or eBooks. These must contain good information within the niche you are driving, and you can practically interest anyone looking for information about this topic or niche.

2. Always Use an image that represents the product you’re giving away. This is called ecover, because it helps the person identify your gift and gives the appearance of being something more tangible than just bytes on your hard drive.

3. In your capture format or landing page WILL NEED always use techniques which are persuasive copywriting and high impact to achieve better conversions. If you consider that you’re not a good copywriter hire one at this time if it is, definitely worth investing some money in creating a good format to help you get more out of the traffic that you receive in that format.

4. Use at least 2 different versions of landing pages or capture formats which should vary slightly. (For example the header) and check which of these two versions are the best converters.

Once you have determined that factor (i.e. the header) do the same with another factor such as ecover (size, color), or keyword, and so on until you find the version that ensures top conversion.

5. Place capture formats anywhere where you can. Also place another format in the sidebar of the site, like forums, videos, reports and article directories; you can even put Facebook, so that the building of your list is easier and faster.

You will see the range of conversion is always important so you should divide and increase the visitors / subscribers percentage.

6. Create a personal relationship with your subscribers. Must give quality content and this way they will achieve open and read each of the messages you send them. Very little good is to have a list with thousands of subscribers but only a few read your posts.

Definitely one of the most essential parts of your business depends on your list, take these recommendations and start working on them today.

4 Responses

  1. John December 3, 2013 / 3:52 PM

    Hi there, this is an awesome article. Liked the concept.

  2. Sunil December 3, 2013 / 3:54 PM

    A great article on making money by building a subscriber list.

  3. Gagan December 3, 2013 / 3:59 PM

    Nice points suggest dude… I liked the topic covered by you.

  4. RajKumar Jonnal December 5, 2013 / 4:37 AM

    Yes, this is true that when we ask the clients for subscribers list they charge us high amount. So why not we make our own list. Nice article.

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